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Myofusion Therapeutic Massage

Myofustion Massage offers a variety of modalities of massages by our Certified Rehab Specialist. We are happy to answer any question about what type of massage may best suit your needs. 

Swedish/Relaxation massage is a gentle type of full-body massage that can help release muscle knots, and it’s also a good choice for when you want to fully relax during a massage. This type of massage includes a combination of: 

  • kneading
  • long, flowing strokes in the direction of the heart
  • deep circular motions
  • vibration and tapping

Myofusion's Deep Tissue Massage uses more pressure than a Swedish massage. It’s a good option if you have chronic muscle problems, such as soreness, injury, or imbalance. It can help relieve tight muscles, chronic muscle pain, and anxiety. During a deep tissue massage, your Myofusion massage therapist will use slow strokes and deep finger pressure to relieve tension from the deepest layers of your muscles and connective tissues. 

  • Myofusion's deep tissue massage uses more pressure than a Swedish massage.
  • It’s a good option if you have chronic muscle problems, such as soreness, injury, or imbalance.
  • It can help relieve tight muscles, chronic muscle pain, and anxiety.

Sports Massage The difference is less candles and aromatherapy, more release of muscle tension; the therapist will use a deep and intense technique, which results in the mobilisation of the tissues. A sports massage flushes toxins from the body and improves lymphatic and blood circulation. Myofusion's sports massage therapy works to realign the muscles and connective tissue. But the techniques involved also work to flush toxins in the process. It's normal to feel a litte sore after a massage. The technique carries blood and nutrients to your muscles while eliminating toxins. After stimulating muscles that you may not usually use, you might experience  a physical response to the inflammation as your body heals.

Thai Massage  This type of massage has been around for 2500 years and it is a traditional therapy combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. The massage generally follows the imaginary designated lines ("sen") in the body. The therapist uses their hands (thumbs, elbows, forearms) and does not use oils or lotions. Thai massage works the entire body using a sequence of movements that are similar to yogic stretching. Your Myofusion therapist will use their palms and fingers to apply firm pressure to your body. You'll also be stretched and twisted into various positions. You can wear loose, comfortable clothes that doesn't restrict any movements, like you would for an active athletic activity.

Assisted Stretching Massage  When combined with regular massage techniques, assisted stretching not only keeps your muscles supple, it helps your massage therapist work more effectively. Stretch massage alleviates strain on your joints and has a slew of other benefits, including enhanced flexibility. You Myofusion therapist will use assisted stretching technique, while you try to relax your muscles.

ART (Active Release Techniques)  This type of massage is a patented soft tissue technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia (connective tissue), and nerves. A multitude of musculoskeletal conditions can benefit from ART.  This soft-tissue mobilization technique that treats conditions such as headaches, back pains, plantar fasciitis, and knee problems, which are often associated with overused muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves.

Functional Movement Therepy  Your Myofusion therapist uses specific hands on therapy techniques and movement patterns are used to restore efficient mobility of the joints and soft tissues which include muscle, nerves, organs, fascia, skin, tendons and ligaments.  Once efficient mobility of the system has been restored, clients can improve specific muscle initiation, strength and endurance.  The final component is to improve motor control, which focuses on proper movement patterns that allow for the most efficient use of the body.


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